The Ryevólutionary Lifestyle:

The Ryevólutionary is value minded audience with style and edge that is not defined by net worth. PSW has erased, or “undone” the line that has preceded traditional spirit brands. For years, spirit brands have falsely communicated that quality needs to be expensive. POLISH STANDARD WÓDKA, both influential and aspirational to its core, identifies that the uniqueness of blending, quality and affordability, inspires us, like our gear to be, “Value Chic.”


The Ryevólutionary gets it:

The Ryevólution starts in the “club”. The Ryevólutionist is educated and cool!!! The bartender approval is needed and required for success is needed from the bartender. He is a rockstar, in some instances more sought out than chefs and management there in. The mixologist of today controls your destiny, as he is a student of all brands and is very specific as to the quality of what he is putting inside his cocktails. POLISH STANDARD WÓDKA is a fixture in this culture.

The Recipe is no Secret:

The choice of pot or column still has a fundamental effect on the final character of Vodka. All Vodka comes out of the still as a clear, colorless spirit, but Vodka from a pot still (the same sort used for Cognac and Scotch whisky) will contain some of the delicate aromatics, congeners, and flavor elements of the crop from which it was produced. Pot stills are relatively “inefficient,” and the resulting spirit from the first distillation is usually redistilled (rectified) to increase the proof of the spirit. Vodka from a more “efficient” column still is usually a neutral, characterless spirit. The facility POLISH STANDARD WÓDKA is produced at, Fabryka Wodek Wieslaw is state of the art.